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Debian Archive

Debian Archive

See for information about Debian GNU/Linux.

Current Releases

Four Debian releases are available on the main site:

Debian 6.0.6, or squeeze
Debian 6.0.6 was released Saturday, 29 September 2012. Installation and upgrading instructions, More information
Testing, or wheezy
The current tested development snapshot is named wheezy.
Packages which have been tested in unstable and passed automated tests propagate to this release.
More information
Unstable, or sid
The current development snapshot is named sid.
Untested candidate packages for future releases.
More information

Old Releases

Older releases of Debian are at
More information


For more information about Debian CDs, please see README.CD-manufacture.
Further information


For more information about Debian mirrors, please see README.mirrors.html.
Further information

Other directories

doc Debian documentation.
indices Various indices of the site.
project Experimental packages and other miscellaneous files.